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Photo of Up Our Street community research team

Meet the Research Team

28 September 2016

Up Our Street has recently appointed a team of community researchers. In this post Nura Aabe, one of our trainee researchers, gives a flavour of what the team has been working on.

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What's Happening

Easton and Lawrence Hill are busy, vibrant neighbourhoods. There is always a lot going on and things are changing all the time. This is where you can find out about events, community meetings, consultations, local news and important decisions that affect you.

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What We Do

We work with local people on projects which improve our neighbourhood. Here you can read about our current work as well as past projects and if this inspires you to want to take action then we'd love to hear from you. We also produce a community newsletter, Up Our Street, which celebrates all the great people and places in Easton and Lawrence Hill.

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Neighbourhood Partnership

The Ashley, Easton and Lawrence Hill Neighbourhood Partnership is about residents working with Bristol City Council to influence decisions. Its aim is to use local knowledge to make better decisions about what needs doing. We organise the Neighbourhood Forums and carry out work on behalf of Bristol City Council to support the Neighbourhood Partnership.

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